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16 trillion dollars

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Q: How much money is spent on nuclear weapons each year?
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What is a nuclear war?

A war where countries fight each other with nuclear weapons.

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How much money is spent on magazines each year?

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What if nuclear weapons were the only weapons?

The man has fists to hit,the legs to kick ,stone,knife,gun,M-16,missel and,of course,the nuclear weapons,all of these are defense for safety of life ,after the safety that will be happiness;but at each century,the war is existed;Nuclear weapon is a kind of weapon.

Why did Pakistan and Bangladesh test nuclear weapons underground?

Bangladesh has never done any nuclear weapons tests. Pakistan and India usually test above ground to intimidate each other.

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How does it make you feel to know that most of the nuclear weapons in the Soviet and US arsenals remain ready for use even in the post-Cold War era?

Actually this is false most of the Cold War era nuclear weapons have been destroyed.At the peak of the Cold War the U.S. had about 10,000 strategic and 20,000 tactical nuclear weapons and the USSR had about 10,000 strategic and 30,000 tactical nuclear weapons.Following the signing of START both sides agreed to destroy all tactical nuclear weapons and reduce strategic nuclear weapons slowly over a period of time.At this time both the U.S. and Russia have about 3,500 strategic nuclear weapons each and no tactical nuclear weapons (although some people say that Russia secretly maintains about 1,000 tactical nuclear weapons).So, from a peak of about 70,000 nuclear weapons during the Cold War to about 7,000 nuclear weapons now, only about 10% of the weapons then available still remain ready for use.

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