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16 trillion dollars

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Q: How much money is spent on nuclear weapons each year?
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How does it make you feel to know that most of the nuclear weapons in the Soviet and US arsenals remain ready for use even in the post-Cold War era?

Actually this is false most of the Cold War era nuclear weapons have been destroyed.At the peak of the Cold War the U.S. had about 10,000 strategic and 20,000 tactical nuclear weapons and the USSR had about 10,000 strategic and 30,000 tactical nuclear weapons.Following the signing of START both sides agreed to destroy all tactical nuclear weapons and reduce strategic nuclear weapons slowly over a period of time.At this time both the U.S. and Russia have about 3,500 strategic nuclear weapons each and no tactical nuclear weapons (although some people say that Russia secretly maintains about 1,000 tactical nuclear weapons).So, from a peak of about 70,000 nuclear weapons during the Cold War to about 7,000 nuclear weapons now, only about 10% of the weapons then available still remain ready for use.

What power is each president exercising in the Truman used nuclear weapons?

Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces

How much money is spend on cigarettes each year?

It is estimated that there is a total of 46,000 million dollors spent on cigarettes each year

How much money is spent on alcohol in America each year?

current average is 57 billion annually.

Are nuclear weapons threat to world peace?

War is part of the human condition. We started by throwing rocks and beating each other with sticks. Every time a new technology is developed people declare that it will be the weapon that will end the ability to wage war because the cost of hate has gone up to an unacceptable level. I know of several examples the recurve bow, gunpowder, crossbows, rifles, machine guns, flame throwers, napalm, and now nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons give cause to the war mongers to seek diplomatic and covert solutions rather than to go head to head with your opponent. But nuclear weapons have nothing whatever to do with world peace because if it did people would have already stopped shooting at each other after the first nuclear weapons were used back in 1945. In the end nuclear weapons are just another crossbow, capable of killing hundreds of thousands of people at a time. Non combatants have always born the heaviest toll of war, now the warmongers can kill us faster.

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