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20 grams +

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2009-12-27 06:50:52
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Q: How much marijuana do you have to possess to be arrested in Florida?
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How much marijuana can a person legally possess in Washington State?

A qualified medical marijuana patient can posses up to 24 ounces and 15 plants.

How much marijuana is legal in New York?

Possession of marijuana is illegal in New York. If you are arrested for charges relating to possession of marijuana, the penalties you face will often depend on the amount of marijuana in your possession and the intended use. It's best to be safe and enjoy your trip without taking any chances with marijuana.

If you smoked medical marijuana in California can you still fail a drug test in Florida?

Yes, you can. Medical marijuana is marijuana-- no difference. It's just that you are taking it as a prescription medication. And the cannabinoids stay in the system for a long time, much longer than it takes to fly from California to Florida.

Can you lose custody of your daughter because her brother was arrested for marijuana?

W-A-Y too broad a question to be answered. There are no specifics given and too much missing information.

What is the penalty for class a felony in NH?

my son is being indicted for a felony charge in NH . He was arrested for disorderly conduct , possesion of marijuana and a knife . How much time is he facing ?

How many people get arrested for marijuana possession in California in a year?

Zero. It's decriminalized in California. That means that for simple possession, you get a small fine, much like a speeding ticket.

What happens if a minor is caught smoking under the age by police?

Smoking tobacco underage is a misdemeanor, A ticket and a ride home to, or call to, the parents is generally the norm. For marijuana it varies state by state, by how much the child was arrested with, and what he was doing (Or should i say attempting to do) when he was arrested.

How much is a pound of marijuana?

A pound of marijuana is a hell of a good time is what it is

How much marijuana do you use to make marijuana butter?

A quart an ace.

How much marijuana is used?

Marijuana is the most used illegal drug in the world.

How much is 16 grams of marijuana?

60 dollars depending on where you are, and what kind of marijuana it is.

Can you hide marijuana in your anus?

Yes but depends on how much marijuana and how big your anus is

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