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It is a proven fact that you have to smoke double your body weight in under 15 minutes all and all its impossible to die from WEED

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Q: How much marijuana can you smoke before you die?
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How many times can you smoke marijuana before you die?

Once. Then you walk into the street because you are out of it and get hit by a car and die. Oops.

How much weed does it need to kill a person?

There has never been anybody to die from marijuana. False, to die from the use of marijuana a person must ingest (smoke) their own body weight of marijuana in a single amount of time. Yet no one has died from overuse of marijuana.

How much marijuana can you eat before you die?

Your body weight....good luck.

Can you die if you smoke marijuana and drink energy drinks?

yes, why do you think people die?

Are there ash trays for marijuana?

Yupp, and if u smoke marijuana u better go to rehab cus u can die

Can you smoke marijuana before having a vasectomy?

Probably not a good Idea but you sound like a risk taker to me... If you're being put under by an Anesthesiologist you might die.

Has marijuana killed anybody in the last 20 years?

No Marijuana has not killed any human directly ever. The reason for this is that it is all most impossible to over dose on Marijuana and thus you would die of smoke inhalation before you would overdose on marijuana. However Marijuana has killed people indirectly though drug deals, people driving under the influence and people dieing because of smoke inhalation. However marijuana has saved lives by stopping many daisies.

Can you die from marijuana drug abuse?

Unless you smoke your body weight, which is impossible, you cannot die from marijuana. You will probably fall asleep after smoking an ounce or two, depending on how good the bud is.

Is it safe to smoke moldy marijuana?

It isn't safe to smoke any thing... ...Unless you want to die young!

Can you die if you take advil and then smoke marijuana?

No. NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) have no contraindications with marijuana and do not effect each other in any way.

Can your kitten die from marijuana intake?

not unless you smoke it out in a room with low oxygen (death by suffocation) or unless your stuff is laced

Do more people die each year from marijuana or alcohol?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!?! ALCOHOL!! Hardly any people die from weed related accidents!