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50-1000 usd

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Q: How much is the browning medalist 22LR pistol worth?
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Picture of The original Browning Medalist 22LR Target Pistol?

Type into a search engine on the internet.

What is the best Browning 22LR competition pistol?

The Browning medalist was the best by far.If you can find one,these were made from 1959-1974.

What is a 1981 browning challenger II 22LR pistol worth?


What is a challenger automatic browning 22lr pistol worth?

50 - 400 usd

Browning 22 Rim Fire Buck Mark?

A 22lr semi-automatic pistol.

What is the value of a Browning Pistol 22LR Clip Excellent condition?

2-20 usd

How does the Browning Medalist 22LR pistol compare to other high quality 22LR competition target pistols?

It is a very high quality pistol. Made in Belgium, parts like magazines can be spendy. Mine shoots very well, but there isn't a provision for mounting optics, and they are collectible, so don't drill and tap it. If you are into competition a better alternative (and cheaper) would be to keep an eye out for the Russian made IZH-35m. The Browning is probably the most beautiful gun I own. The IZH will outshoot it though....

What is the value of a 22 gauge browning automatic pistol model number 515mr07305?

If you mean a 22LR, 200or so

What year and model is Browning 22LR pistol with serial 52131 written under the barrel and and 52131 P5 written in the grip handle?

You will have to call Browning to find out.

What is the date model and value of a Browning semi auto 22Lr pistol with the serial?

100-1000 USD or so depending on specifics

How much is a stoeger luger 22LR pistol worth used but in good shape?

$400 - $500

What is the value of a Browning Medalist 22 caliber with mount and grip with thumb rest made about 1950?

You can tell the year of manufacture by looking at the serial number it should have a "T" in it followed by a one digit or two digit number. Example: T2 = 1962 first year production T3 = 1963 T4 = 1964 etc T70 = 1970 T71 = 1971 etc Is your pistol a standard (no engraving), Goldline Medalist (gold enlay) or a Renaissance Medalist (fully engraved receiver)? Give me a call at 417-830-5588 and I will elaborate more. Browning Collector ******************************************************************************** The original Browning Medalist .22LR Target Pistol was produced from 1962 or l964 to 1974, This pistol is not to be confused with a later Medalist which was a completely different, and far less accurate, pistol. Value will depend upon the mechanical condition, quality of bore, the quality of finish on metal parts and grips, and the presence and quality of the kit which accompanied the original gun; tools, case and all related printed materials. I have seen Medalists in NRA Excellent to Mint condition with complete case and accessory kits selling in the range of $1100 1400 (US). This was, and is, a superb pistol.