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How much is dry Ice at stater brothers

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Q: How much is dry ice at stater bros?
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Does dry ice melt ice cream?

No. Just the opposite. Dry ice is much colder than regular ice. Ice cream surrounded by dry ice for a while turns hard as a rock.

What is the chemical name of dry ice. why is it called dry ice. Is dry ice is same as the ordinary ice?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2). It is called dry ice because it does not melt when it heats up, it goes directly from solid to gas. It is NOT the same as ordinary ice, which is of course, solid water. Dry ice is much colder than ordinary ice.

How much does dry ice cost at Publix?

I was just in Publix today and was told that the dry ice costs $1.50 a pound.

What is the advantage of using dry ice in making ice-cream?

It is much colder.

How much is dry ice at Ralph's?

$2.48 a pound

How is dangerous dry ice?

Its very dangerous. Well,first of all if you hold dry ice your hands will BURN. And if you put it in your bathtub or pool..dry ice will explode. [depends how much dry ice you use]

What can water ice do that dry ice cant?

Water ice can not do very much that dry ice can't do. The main things it can do are:Keep things less cold than dry ice. This could be good if you don't want to over freeze the food in your cooler.Keep drinks cold without carbonating them.Can be eaten by a human.Can be made for MUCH less money.EDIT:It can melt. Dry ice can only sublimate.

An easy research report on ice and dry ice?

ice is slippery and dry ice is not because ice dosent dry out when the sun hits it and dry ice does!

How many games are the Ice Climbers in?

3, ice climber, smash bros melee, smash bros brawl.

Why does dry ice evaporate faster than a regular ice cube?

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, totally different from ordinary ice, which is frozen water. Dry ice is much colder than water ice, thus evaporates quicker at room temperature. DO NOT TOUCH DRY ICE! It can hurt you badly.

What does dry ice form when added to water?

It generally forms water ice and carbon dioxide vapor.Dry ice is so much colder than the freezing point of water, if you drop dry ice into water the water will freeze. At the same time, water ice is so much above the freezing point of CO2 that the dry ice sublimates back into gaseous CO2.

If you put dry ice in 1 liter magma will it solidify or will it melt the ice?

How much dry ice? Regardless, a signifigant amount to all of the dry ice will sublime (solid CO2 will not melt under any atmospheric circumstances) and some to all of the magna will solidify into igneous rock. The results are dependent on the quantity of dry ice.