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Somewhere around $150-$175

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Q: How much is an H and R 22 hornet model 151 worth - good to excelent condition with bushnell scope 3x8x banner model?
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What is the value of a savage model 219 .22 hornet?

Around $200, depending on condition.

What is a Stevens 22 Hornet Model 322A worth?

On net for $399 + in excellent condition.

What is a Model 43 Winchester 22 hornet worth?

$400-$700, depending on exact condition.

What is the value of a Brno Fox in 22 Hornet with double set triggers?

In very good condition, around $500.

What is a Harrington and Richardson model 157 worth?

Depending upon caliber/cartridge - .22WMRF, .22 HORNET or .30-30 Win - and condition, value will vary between: $295 in EXCELLENT condition and Less than $100 for fair to poor condition. the .30-30 chambering seems to command the highest value, followed by the .22 Hornet, add about 10% for either of those to condition value.

What is the value of the green hornet comic?

We really need more information than that provided such as publisher , issue number and condition of the book .

How much is a Savage 22 Hornet Rifle Model 23D serial 216545 worth?

Depending on condition, between $400-$450.

What is a hornet insect arachnid or crustaceans?

A Hornet is a Insect

What colors are a hornet?

The color of a hornet is Purple or Black.

Who would win Japanese hornet or Asian hornet?

The Japanese hornet " the giant Asian hornet" is larger than the Asian hornet and it's venom contains a neurotoxin that the Asian hornet doesn't have. So it would seem that the Japanese variety would be at an advantage, but I'm only speculating.

What is the value of the green hornet comic which is a collectors edition of the first and second issue from 1989 and has never been touched?

Green Hornet (1989 Now) comic books # 1 is selling for $1.80 and #2 @ $3.00 ~ in NM condition see related link below .

What is the value of savage 342 in 22 hornet?

Your savage model 342 will bring between 105-250 dollars.depending on overall condition and a good bore.