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Depends on the shape of gun, lot of factors. what's the overall condition?

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Q: How much is a western auto revelation model 310E pump 410GA shotgun worth?
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What is the value of a Revelation rifle model 330A 410Ga 3inch by Western Auto Supply worth?

Bolt action .410? Your SHOTGUN (not a rifle) was made by Mossberg as a Model 183 for the Western Auto Company, using their Revelation brand name. Values are not high- $75-$150, depending on condition. Despite the price tag, these were durable, well made shotguns, and were the first shotgun for a lot of youngsters, a tool for the farmer, etc.

What is the date of manufacture of a western auto supply revelation shotgun?

Which Model?

Who made the Revelation shotgun model 350 m for Western Auto?

Stevens, as their Model 94.

Steven model 490E 410ga shotgun?

I paid $100 for one in 2012

Who makes a revelation r310c western auto 20 gauge?

Your revelation R310C western auto shotgun is a Mossberg model 500C which was made by Mossberg and Sons for Western Auto.

How can you get a bolt assembly for your jstevens 410ga shotgun model 38b?

how can i find a bolt assembly for my j.stevens 410.gauge shotgun model 38.b

Who made the revelation shotgun model r310ab for western auto supply? has a store brand chart.

Who made the Revelation model 330a 410 shotgun for Western Auto Supply Co?

It should be identical to a Mossberg 183.

Where can you find parts for a Western Auto Supply Co. Revelation model 316-16 GA shotgun?


Who made the revelation shotgun sold by western auto?

Mossberg....under the model number 500. I have the same 12ga shotgun, I would like to find out what years it was made and the value.

Who made the western auto model 312AA shotgun?

Your western auto model 312AA shotgun was made by mossberg for western auto.The mossberg model 395,395K are the mossberg model designations for your shotgun.

Who made the revelation model 350a shotgun?

It' a Savage model 94D