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if its a 12 gauge about 475-550$

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โˆ™ 2008-11-21 08:25:28
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Q: How much is a used Remington 870 wing-master worth?
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How much you an used Remington 870 wingmaster deer gun worth?

100-300 USD

How much is a 20 gauge Remington spartan worth?

used about 80 bucks

How much is a Remington viper 22 worth?

a Remington 22 cal viper new is worth 250 dollars used depending on condition probably half that

How much is a used Remington 1187 worth?

50-500 USD depending on specifics

What is the price of a Remington Wingmaster 870 TB 12 gauge?

I bought one today from a retailer (used) for $250.00. I felt like it was a good deal for me.

Who makes a 20 gauge left handed shotgun?

Remington used to produce left handed versions of their Wingmaster. Check their website for models currently in production.

What is a Remington 870 20 gauge worth?

New it's worth around $270, used it's worth about $200

How much is your Remington tac1 airsoft gun worth?

New, they go for around $35, but used, you'd probably only get $20 to $15 for it

How much is a Remington SP-10 in good shape worth?

Retail 1500-1700. So go from there. 1000-1200 for a good used one

How much is a used Remington 12ga semi worth?

It all depends on which "grade" that particular model is and what condition it is in. Whether it has been altered or re-finished.

What is a remington model 31 16 gauge worth?

A Remington model 31 16 gauge shotgun is worth between $200 and $600 depending on its condition. These shotguns were commonly used for sport and recreational shooting.

Remington 870 16 ga wingmaster pricr 30 years old?

I saw used ones at LL Bean, and Bass Pro Shop in good to excellent condition for $200 to $250 dollars just a few months ago.

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