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500-600 USD

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Q: How much is a browning bps 12ga pump shotgun worth w32 ribbed field model barrel invector screw in chokes f m ic and extra full and a 24 buck special barrell both are 2 34and3 wood all like new cond?
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What is the value of a Browning invector bps shotgun special steel?

50-550 usd

What is the value of a browning invector-plus bps special steel shotgun 3.5 magnum?

Its about $550 @ basspro

What is the value of a browning field model 26 special invector steel 12 gauge shotgun?

300 USD or so

Does a 1993 Browning Special Sporting Clays over-under use invector or invector plus choke tubes and what is the difference between the two?

The Invector, or "Standard Invector" system" was introduced in 1983. A few years later, the Invector-Plus chokes were introduced to fit the new back-bored shotgun barrels. These two choke systems will not interchange. If you have screw-in chokes in your shotgun barrel, the kind of system you have will be stamped on the barrel near the receiver. You must use the proper choke system for your shotgun.

Vaulule of a browing shotgunI have a browing 12G shotgun with the following on the barrel invector-plus PSB Special Steel 2 34-3 3 12 Field 28 can you tell me what all this is?

Browning shotgun. Field Model. Either a 12 gauge or a 28 gauge. Invector-Plus refers to the type of choke tubes it uses.

What is the value of a browning invector bps special ducks unlimited pacific edition shotgun?

A Browning Ducks Unlimited 12G in perfect condition is worth $1100-1400 That's what the last six got sold for. It's a truly beautiful shotgun. The rusty ones at pawn shops sell for $500+.

What is the value of a Browning Citori invector Plus special?

0 100-1000 USD and up depending on specifics

What is BPS invector plus special 12gauge shotgun worth with serial01574NR152?

Made in 1997; 50-625 USD

What is your browning invector-plus bps special steel 12 gauge 22 inch barrel shotgun worth?

Can't be answered without a detailed description of all markings, finish, condition, accessories, box, papers, etc..

What is the value of browning A-5 invector special Sweet16?

With no description provided, the broad range of value is 100-1000 USD.

What is the value of a Browning Invector BPS Special Steel 10 gauge pump in perfect condition?

500 USD or so

Did browning make a shotgun barrel called a buck special?