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Depending on the condition, between $525-$600

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Q: How much is a belgium made browning blr 243 worth?
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How much is a Browning Renaissance hand engraved made in Belgium worth?

Requires professional appraisal

How much is the Belgium made browning serial 229015 worth?

No way to value with just the serial number.

Blr 81 browning 308 win made in Belgium how much money is it worth?

100-800 usd

12 ga Browning Shoot gun Belgium made how much is worth?

10-10000 USD depending on specifics

How much is a belgium made browning 12 gauge 81319 worth?

100-1000 USD or more depenidng on specifics.

How much is a browning lever action 308 cal made in Belgium in 1972 like new condition worth.?

500 USD

Browning Light Twelve shotgun and wanted to get an Idea how much it is worth Its stamped Made in Belgium The number on the bottom is G 75485?

Check on line or Browning website

How much is a Belgium made Browning shotgun worth 20 GA semi auto serial number 29237?

100-500 USD

What is the value of a pre 1967 Belgium made sweet 16 shotgun?

How much is a Browning Sweet 16 gold trigger shotgun worth?

When was a Sniper Rifle Belgium Browning Light Twelve gold trigger semite 12 gauge two and three quarter in Serial number G 58467 made and how much is worth?

No such weapon made by Browning.

What year was a Browning 22 Short rifle made in Belgium with Serial Number A157 made in and how much is it worth?

Your gun was made in 1956. As for the value, it is all dependent on condition.

How much is a 1969 Browning Auto 12 gauge made in Belgium Medium weight serial 68M43011 in good condition worth?

300 or so