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In new condition about 27,278$

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Q: How much is a Julius erving action figure is worth?
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Julius erving action packed 24k gold card number 50 does anyone know if it worth anything or where you could find out price It is 1993 make?

ya i have on it is in great condition i think it is worth like 35.00 it is a great card

Whats the most an action figure can be worth if it is a rare edition?

There is no set limit on what an action figure can be worth, and value can be higher to a collector.

What is a Michael Jordan action figure with card worth?


What is a Owen hart action figure worth?

1,000doll hairs

What would and action figure package misprint be worth?

the same price you bought it for.

How much is Julius Eving 1978 topps card worth?

The Julius Erving rookie card is a 72-73 topps #195. Beckett values this card at $200 in good condition. My advice to you is to have this card professionally graded. It will make this card worth more as well as determine the condition of the card. Do yourself a favor, go to your local walmart/ sports store and buy a beckett basketball magazine.

Action figure how much would a 1996 10 supperman action figure be worth?

Assuming you mean the 10' Inch Superman figure made by Kenner. He is worth around $10.00 - $20.00 on eBay if he is Mint On Card. You can get around $40.00 - $60.00 for the 1996 Kenner 16 inch Plush Superman or the 12 Inch normal figure by Kenner.

What is a limited edition Conan action figure worth?

The game promotional figure that is in the box runs a mere $10 - $15 on average. The Blister figure that came later is around that same price range.

How do you know if the action figure you purchased is going to be a collectible?

You can never know for sure if the action figure you are buying is going to be a collectible . Alot of people own collectibles and do not even realize it . If you want to find out if a certain action figure you have is worth money , I would definitly research it more online or call hobbie stores to find out more information .

What is a new unused but opened Harry Potter action figure worth?

It depends on which version, from what movie. Most are $4 to $9 dollars with everything.

What is a George Burns in his Tux microphone and stand Action figure worth Exclusive Premier Limited Edition Collector's Series?

15000 Is that$150

When was Julius Hemphill born?

Julius Hemphill was born on January 24, 1938, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.