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not much

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Q: How much force does it take to bend rubber?
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How much force does it take to bend the rear bumper of a 1990 ford bronco?

200 Newtons

How much force does it take to bend 10' 3.625 steel rod?

This sounds like a homework question. Hint, define your parameters, and ask where the force is applied.

Why does the cyclist bend inverse while taking a circular path?

to counter centrifugal force and to take turn faster

How much force does it take to break a LEGO brick?

a bit of force, not allot of force.

How much force does it take to break a board?

force is not a think it is only in star wars

How much wind force will it take to destroy a house?


Why a cyclist bend himself to take a turn around a corner?

A cyclist bends so as to increase frictional force which produces enough centripetal force to enable him/her to remain a circular path(since a corner is a part of a circular path). Note:Frictional force produces centripetal force in this case

How much force does take to break an arm?

it takes about 9 pounds of force to break your arm

How do you curtsy?

you bend the back leg and take your skirt and hold it, and bend your legs

How did dizzy gillespie' s trumpet get dented?

He said that he or a stage hand tripped over it just before a performance. he continued with the performance and he liked it so much he had it modified properly. Personally I think this is bunkum. Even on a trumpet stand the bell section would take an incredible amount of force to bend like that. If it did bend at that point, the tubing would cave in.

How much force does it take to break a crowbar?

it takes an extremely large amount of force to break through a regular crowbar. but it should take about 500 pounds of force which is quite a lot.

How much force does it take to break facial bones?

This depends on the bone; to break a finger generally doesn't take much force, but your femur or your thigh bone is harder than cement!