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It depends on the caliber, condition, etc. A 20 or 12 guage could go from 1K to 2K, 28 to .410 double the value, but one would have to know exactly what you have in order to give you fair market value.

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Q: How much for a Winchester 101 pigeon grade xtr lightweight?
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How much is a Winchester 1981 pigeon grade 101 worth?

if your Winchester shotgun is the lightweight field model then it is valued at 1250.00 for one in 70% condition up to 2,000 for one in 98%condition.

How much for a whinchester 20 ga model 23 XTR pigeon grade?

Your Winchester model 23 XTR pigeon grade shotgun will range in value from 900-1,600 dollars,based on your shotgun having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining and a good set of bores.

How much is a Winchester m1 garand worth?

Depends on condition, i was offered $1000 for my service grade Winchester

Do XTR and Pigeon Grade mean the same thing in regards to a 12 gauge Winchester 101 superimposed shotgun?

I'm not sure what happened to the 2 questions I posted. The first question was "Does XTR and Pigeon Grade mean the same thing in regards to a Winchester 101 U/O shotgun?". The second question was "What does XTR stand for in regards to a Winchester 101 U/O shotgun" Somehow they both seem to have merged into the above modified question...... The reason for these two original questions is that I have a 1977 Pigeon Grade Winchester 101 12G Trap shotgun with 30" barrels and a Monte Carlo butt stock. I am looking to buy another 101 from a member of my local club. He says that his gun is a XTR 101 Trap bought new in 1986 making it one of the very last 101's. He says that XTR and Pigeon Grade mean the same thing. I've heard that they don't. I haven't seen the gun yet but I want to know what I'm talking about before I look at it. Can someone help me with as much info as possible....Thanks. Brett. (Australia)

Price of Winchester model 12 28ga pigeon grade?

This one is impossible to answer without a lot more information. If the firearm is in very good condition my advice would be contact one or more of thoes dealers who handle high grade collectable firearms. $5000 to $6000 would not be too much to expect for a very high condition gun if you were to sell it yourself. Value,of course, drops with condition.

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No such model number in the Winchester line.

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What year was the Winchester model 42 pump shotgun serial 9594 its worth?

Your 410 pump gun was made in he second year of production, in 1934. In the plain field grade it is worth about $1000 in good condition, and much more if it is a skeet or trap gun, or a deluxe grade.

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how much is a Winchester 1859 worth with the serial number 2330126