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More than they should.

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Q: How much does the average fat person weigh?
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How much does and average fish weigh?

16 pounds if their fat

How much does a average fat-tailed scorpion weigh?

20 grams

How much does chewed gum weigh?

Chewing gum is considered indigestible and will not make a person fat. The average weight of chewed chewing gum is 2.7 grams.

How much does a fat head minnow weigh?

How much does a fat head minnow weigh

How much fat does the average person in the UK eat?


How do you know that im fat?

if you weigh more than average people weigh that means you are fat

How many pounds of fat does the average person carry around their stomach?

The answer to this question is never certain. First, what is average? If an average person is a normal sized person, then the fat is probably little. However, if we're talking about the national average, which is overweight, the fat around the stomach would be much greater.

How much should a person who is 5'8 weigh?

120-140 is a good range. if its 30% body fat. if your all fat and no muscle its not healthy.

How much should a 15 year old weigh?

If your an average guy and your not fat nor muscular, then around 140-150 is good. For a average girl, 80- 120 is what girls i know weigh.

How much should a 12 yer old weigh?

An average 12 year old of and average height should weigh around 12 stone. They are not overweight but are just growing out of their puppy fat.

What should a fat person weigh?

They should weigh the same as any person having the same height.

Are you fat if you weigh 120.37 pounds and your 13 and are 5'7?

no, you are actually very skinny. the average weight for a 5'7 person is about 130 to 135.

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