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What is the pronoun in the sentence What I really want for Christmas is a horse

What is the correct complete diagram for this sentence The error taught us an expensive lesson

Where should the pronoun be placed on a diagram After the dance was finished we went out for something to eat.

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Q: How much does it cost to grow Christmas trees?
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How much do Christmas trees cost in Arizona?

40 Dollars

How much money is spent on Christmas trees?

Christmas trees cost different amounts each year, because the average price levels grow each year. At the moment Christmas trees are costing about £50, although are obviously rising. However, if you want to know how much money Christmas tree sellers spend on trees then it's different. They have to abide by the farm or Christmas tree grower's price and pay that amount, although there my be discounts on large orders, such as 50 for the price of 40 trees.

Do watermelons grow on trees?

No they do not grow on trees. Watermelons grow on vines on the ground, much like pumpkins do...

How much do trees grow in a year?

20 million grow in a year

How much does trees cost?


Are trees for lumber renewable?

yes, i guess that trees can grow again but if we use too much,the trees wont grow as fast as we use them

Do people in Holland have Christmas trees?

Yes , In holland we've got Christmas trees. In most cities you have a Christmas tree at the city hall (and very much in shops :))

How much did Christmas trees cost in Victorian England?

Small ones around 20 pounds, medium 50 human size or bigger: 80++

Do melons grow on trees?

No melons grow on the ground, much like pumpkins.

How much do oak trees grow in a year?

20 million grow in a year

What effect does cutting down christmas trees have on the environment?

There is not much effect on the environment. Christmas trees are typically grown specially for the season and new ones are planted as soon as others are cut. This means that Christmas trees are renewable.

How much does Pulpwood trees cost?


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