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if its a 1 star hotel its usaully $30.00 a night. If its a 2 star hotel it is usually $50.00 a night. If its a three star its usaully $80.00 a night. If its a 4 star hotel its usually $100.00 a night. If its a 5 star hotel is usually $120.00 a night

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Q: How much does hotels usually cost?
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How much does hotels cost in Jamaica?

how much does hotels cost in Jamaica

How much is an extended stay at average hotels?

An extended stay at average hotels usually cost about 80% of your original fee. However, that will depend on the location and demand of the hotel at the time.

About how much do the three star cocoa beach hotels cost per night?

3-star cocoa beach hotels usually cost around 80 to 120 dollars per night. Some, however, can cost up to 200 dollars per night.

How much does a hotel in japan cost?

Depends on Hotels

How much does Hawaii hotels cost?


How much would it cost to stay in mecca hotels?

It would cost approx £200

What is the cost of a hotel in Vatican City?

There are no hotels for tourists in Vatican City. Visitors to the Vatican usually stay in hotels in Rome which surrounds the Vatican.

Are Zurich hotels clean and do they cost a lot?

It depends on the hotel that you are looking for. Many of the hotels are clean, but they will cost more money. The ones that don't cost as much money probably aren't as clean.

How much does it cost to stay in one of Guoman's hotels?

Guoman Hotels are luxury hotels in the United Kingdom with 4 and 5 star ratings. The cost for 2 people and a 3 night stay at a Guoman Hotel is 220 GBP.

How much does it cost to stay at Clearwater Beach Hotels in LA?

The best way to find out how much the different hotels would cost in that area would be to get a hold of either Expedia or call your nearest travel agent to check for rates.

How much does a single room at Riverwalk Hotels cost?

A single room at Riverwalk Hotels depends on the time or season you book the hotel. But in general, they cost $99 and up, and this excludes extras and tax.

How much would it cost for family of eight to stay two days at Harry Potter Theme Park?

There are 3 Universal Orlando on-site Hotels as well as many off-site hotels and motels nearby. It will cost as little or as much as your willing to spend. Check with your travel agent for the best deals as they can usually put together package deals that include the airfare and park tickets.