How much does does an average person pee?

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2010-06-15 20:01:32

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actually 9 to 15 times a day!!!

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2010-06-15 20:01:32
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Q: How much does does an average person pee?
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How much does the average person pee in a life time?

About 3-5 times.

How many times do you pee a day?

the average person goes pee about 10 times a day; depending on how much fluids you drink.

What is the average amount of pee someone pees in a day?

It depends on how much water a person drinks a day.

How many ounces does the average person pee?

16oz of course! (800ml)

How many times does a persone pee a year?

An average person would pee 1,825 in a year. Because an average person would pee 5 times in 1 day. So it would be 365 x 5 = 1,825. If that answers your question.

How much do you pee in you lifetime?

On average a person pees about 300ml a time about the same as a can off fizzy drink...and on average goes 2\3 times a day so if you live till your 75 years old you would pee ...271,500 litres...

How much does an elephant pee on average per day?

enough to drink make you pee a lots of water can do the trick

How much can a person pee?

1/2 a gallon a day

Is it normal when you pee a lot?

It depends on how many times you pee a day, an average person pees 6 times a day. If you pee more than 6 times a day, then you might have UTI, or you probably drank too much water, or each time you pee, you don't completely empty your bladder.

What is the average number of times a person wipes after using the bathroom?

Dipends on pee or poo!!!

How many ounces of urine do we pee at a time?

The average person will pee 6 to 8 ounces at one time. However if you only pee 4 ounces or pee 12 ounces, that is still normal.

Why does a dog pee on a person?

A dog will pee on a person to mark his territory or if the dog is very nervous of the person.

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