How much does an average pot smoker smoke daily?

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2011-07-28 17:45:52

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As much as theyy want two

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2011-07-28 17:45:52
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Q: How much does an average pot smoker smoke daily?
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How much cigarettes does an average smoker smoke?

20 per day

How much does the average smoker smoke?

1 pack every 2 weeks

How much does an average smoker smoke in a year?

About ten thousand cigarettes, which costs around 2700 dollars.

How much does the average smoker smoke a year?

The average smoker would most likely smoke close to a pack a day which would result in 365 packs per year X20 cigarettes per pack = 7,300 cigarettes per year.

How much marijuana does the average smoker uses?

That's a hard number to come up with exactly for many reasons. Of all the different degrees of smoking weed. from once a year to month to weekly to daily..... to the once before bed smoker, the smoke all day smoker, to the heavy heavy smoker (smokin upwards of 20 joints a day) Where does the average smoker fall into. Id say an everday smoker, probably if high grade weed 1-2 grams a day with varing increases on the weekend

How much does the typical marijuana smoker smoke in a week?

about 3 grams

How much of Australia's population are smoker's?

23 percent of adults in Australia smoke.

How much does an average smoker spend on cigarettes a day?

if the average smoker smokes one pack a day it is about $8 to $10 depends on the tax

How much money do people spend on cigaretts in a week?

Depends what kinda of smoker you are and what brand you smoke

How much money does a pack a week smoker smoke every week?

like 20 dollars

You smoke 17 days ago will your urine be dirty?

it really all depends on how much you smoke, if you were an avid smoker before then and what ytou smoked.

Is Robert Pattinson a heavy smoker?

Pattinson does not smoke that much only when he is really under pressure, and tries to smoke as least as possible. -Cheerlol13

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