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Not enough.

I personally make 9.70 an hour, and I run four different departments. There are some managers that make upwards 11.00 an hour, but they've been with the company for a while.

Walmart's department managers are paid based on how many departments and the experience they have, plus years with the company may add to that total, depending on yearly evals.. if you were a carpenter or plumber or what-not and you run the hardware department you are likely to be paid more than someone who started as a sales associate in sporting goods and then got promoted to a new department.. on that note, department manager is one of the most demanding positions and I agree they don't get paid much but they get significantly more hours to go along with the pay raise. ZMSs get paid more, but in my opinion do not have an as demanding job.

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2012-09-05 20:34:18
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Q: How much does a department manager at walmart make?
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