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The 6 month membership card is $29.95.

By Gold Tommy from Club Penguin

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Q: How much does a club penguin 6 month membership card cost?
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What is a unused club penguin six month membership card?

It is an unused Club Penguin six month membership card...

How much does a 6 month membership card for club penguin cost in pounds?

It cost £19.00 for a 6 month membership for club penguin

How much does club penguin membership card costs?

$1.99 for 1 month Club Penguin membership through Jan 30.

How much is a club penguin member ship card?

A one month membership is $5.95. A 6 month membership is $35.00.

How much does a three month club penguin membership card cost?


How much does a two month club Penguin membership card cost?

$10.? ._.

How can you be a member in Club Penguin?

You go to a store and buy a membership card...=) OR Go on to membership on the Club Penguin home page and get a 3,6, or 12 month membership. (yea that's right!)

What is the price of a club penguin membership card?

It is $6.95 at EB Games for 1 month!

Do club penguin membership card is available in India?

No,There is not club penguin membership in India

If you get a month membership from club penguin do you have to pay every month or just the one month?

You have to pay $7.95 for a month of membership on Club Penguin ( for 1 month)

Is there a one month club penguin membership card?

Yes there is.It allows you to be a member for one month then expires.

How do you get membership on Club Penguin without a card?

Yes. you can buy the membership on the club penguin website