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I would honestly say it just depends on how well you can handle pain, and where you get the tattoo on your body. Everybody is different so this is a hard question to answer.

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Q: How much does a belly tattoo hurt?
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Will a tattoo on the belly hurt?

like a motherfuccker.

What hurts more a tattoo or getting you belly button piersed?

That depends on how big the tattoo is. Or actually not, because the belly button contains of most fat and skin so that it probably doesn't hurt that much at all. So "What hurts more a tattoo or getting you belly button piersed?" The tattoo does.

How much does a tattoo on the wrist hurt compared to a belly button piercing?

A tattoo is more of an annocience rather than pain, it feels like a cat is scratching at that area repeatedly. Belly button piercings after often painless then only thing that hurts is the clamp.

Does a belly button piercing hurt more than the tattoo?

hi i have a lower back tattoo and i have had my belly button pierced. and the tattoo hurts loads more than the piercing. the piercing is over within minutes, by the time you feel it its done. hope this helps, Lisa

How much does getting your belly button pirced hurt?

When you get your belly pierced its doesnt hurt at all. its hurts as much as a little pinch.

How much does a tattoo hurt for first timers?

it depends on how strong you are

What is a belly tattoo?

Not cool

Where do you get a tattoo that does not hurt as much?

i feel sick all over get in that van.

What does the tattoo under your belly button symbolize?

There really is no symbolic meaning to a tattoo under the belly button. In order to determine the symbolism, the kind of tattoo and design must be known.

Why does my belly button hurt so much?

It has to do with all of the stretching from the growing uterus.

Will your tattoo stretch if you grow?

Yes. Lets say for example that a woman gets a tattoo on her belly. Later on if she gets pregnant and her belly grows large, the tattoo will stretch also. The tattoo will probably not keep the same proportions and image as it stretches, so that may be something for women to think about before getting pregnant or before getting a tattoo on her belly.

Where does it not hurt to get a tattoo done?

My tattoo on my wrist didnt really hurt and I've been told shoulder tattoos don't hurt