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$220 or more. Henry makes more than one model of rifle, and the price range can vary significantly with each model.

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Q: How much does a Henry rifle cost?
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How much did a Henry rifle cost in 1866?


How much did the Martini Henry Breech Loading rifle cost?

@ 2 USD

How much does a 1860 Henry rifle cost?

Less than 100 to tens of thousands of USD depending on specifics

How much does a classic Henry rifle cost?

Any where from $300. For the basic .22 up to $800. Fot the big boy large caliber rifles

How much did a rifle cost in WW1?

Depended on the rifle. $5-$500

How much does a barett sniper rifle cost cost?


What is the value of a Henry rifle?

WHICH Henry? The antique Henry rifle made in the 1860's or the current Henry Repeating Arms Co rifle?

How much does a Bauer 25cal.automatic rifle cost?

No such weapon.

How much money does a air soft rifle cost?

in general 180 $ is the minimum for a reliable rifle.

Who made the Henry rifle?

The 44 rim fire Henry rifle was developed by Benjamin Tyler Henry.

How much a m82 sniper rifle would cost?

$ 9000

How do you clean a Henry rifle?

Go to the Henry website, and download the owner's manual for your rifle.