How much does Vanquis cost for members?

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Vanquis Bank is a company in the U.K that offers credit cards to people who have poor or limited credit. Their credit cards have an interest rate that is between 39.9% to 59.9%.

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Q: How much does Vanquis cost for members?
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Is Vanquis Bank backed by the FDIC?

"No, I do not believe Vanquis Bank is backed by the FDIC. The FDIC is a United States corporation, whereas Vanquis Bank is banking institution that is located in the United Kingdom."

What is vanquis most useful for?

Vanquis is a bank that has earned a reputation for providing credit cards to those with poor credit scores. In this way Vanquis helps people with bad credit improve their credit scores.

Has anyone had any experience with Vanquis credit cards?

Yes many people have had experience with Vanquis credit cards and are very happy with them. Many people have written reviews online about them and their experiences.

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How much is the first month for a Vanquish credit card?

There are no annual fees for the Vanquis credit card. There is a interest free period of 56 days on purchases. There is no introductory rate or anything like that. There are lots of fees that may or may not apply depending on your situation. Check the Vanquis website for more details.

Is Vanquis Bank a reputable financial institution?

After doing some looking online and reading some reviews, I have found that Vanquis Bank is a reputable institution. The reviews are pretty good so far.

What is Vanquis and can they help with credit scores?

vanquis is basicly a credit card company that will give you a credit card regardless of your credit score. you will be able to get a credit card and will allow you to get a better credit score

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None, its for Vanquis Bank

Does Vanquis Bank offer Visas or Mastercards?

Vanquis Bank offers Visa credit cards for individuals with low or bad credit ratings. The idea behind the card is to help such individuals rebuild their credit rating over time.

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