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R80k per game

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too much

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Q: How much do the Springboks get paid per game?
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How much does Michael Jordan get paid per game?

Michael got paid 565,192 dollars per game

How much does Matt Ryan get paid per game?

Too much

If Alex Rodriguez got paid for every game how much would he make per game?

He would be paid 169,753 dollars a game.

How much did Michael Jordan get paid per game?

1,400 1,400

How much money does Tim Lincecum get paid per game?


How much does pooch hall get paid per episode of the GAME?


How much do NFL statisticians get paid per game?

bout 5000.000

How much are referees paid per game?

The referees are paid handsomely they get 5,000 pounds for the game.

How much do referees for euro 2012 games get paid?

10.000$ per. Game

How much did pro football players get paid in 1960?

Some $500 per game.

How much do cheerleaders get paid?

# cheerleaders now make $75.00 per home game due to tax rising

How much money do you get if you worked at game stop?

i worked in a game station and i got paid £7.50 per hour.