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Fred Morrison invented and marketed the first Frisbee in 1938. The price of the first Frisbee was only one nickel.

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Q: How much did the first frisbee cost?
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How much does a frisbee cost?

In California 2009 a Frisbee is anywhere from $1.99 to $40.00 depending on the quality.

How much did a frisbee cost in the 1950's?

It was about 25 cents

When were frisbee by wham-o invented?

The first Wham-O Frisbee was first made in 1948.

When did the Frisbee go on sale?

The first Wham-O Frisbee went on sale in 1948.

Where was the first frisbee invented?


Where did the name frisbee come?

The Frisbee came about after students discovered throwing Frisbee pie pans supplied entertainment. This led Walter Fredrick Morrison to invent and patent the first plastic Frisbee.

How much did a frisbee cost in 1957?

well i wasnt alive in 1957 but im a bt of a knowitall it was 57 pence

What are other names of frisbee?

Other names for the frisbee include, "bee" and "disc".

Is ultimate frisbee win by two?

No, you do not have to win by two in Ultimate Frisbee, just first to 13 or whatever you are playing to.

How much did the first radios cost?

how much did the first radio cost how much did the first radio cost

When was the first frisbee made Wham-0?


What was the first product of robotics manufacturing in 1959?

a frisbee