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it all depends on what your system can handle, for example: some people can get drunk off of half a glass while others might take three or four to get drunk.

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Q: How much can you dink without getting drunk?
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How do you get tipsey?

By getting drunk in the club, but not so much that you are actually drunk.

What if your drunk and pregnant?

Drinking while pregnant; especially drinking too much and getting drunk can cause fetal alcohol poisoning to your unborn baby. Wise up!

How much alcohol would it take you to get drunk?

It depends on the type of person. Most people after almost 9-10 beers are drunk. If you feel your self getting dizzy then your almost drunk 1 or 2 more beers will do the trick.

Can you keep secrets when you're drunk?

Depending on how drunk you are , you may or may not tell a secret. The thing is, you don't have much control when you are drunk so you could say anything. Hopefully people won't take you seriously when you are very very drunk. Overall, the answer is that it is hard to keep secrets when you are drunk. P.S I don't recommend getting drunk. It's a bit silly.

How much ass can you eat without getting sick?


Do you get drunk faster if you're drinking while in a jacuzzi?

Not by much. Mostly because your sitting down, so nothing is getting burnt off.

Why does dukey from johnny test dink coffee so much?

My dog likes coffee so i guess it is relevant.

vomiting blood and having bleeding bowl movement now much time does a person have without getting treatment?

vomiting blood and having bowl movement how much time dees a person have without getting treatment how much time does a person have without treatment

What is drinking alcohol until self-control is lost?

You just answered your own question. If you want to put it bluntly it\'s getting drunk. If you don\'t know the definition of a drunk it\'s; intoxicated with alcohol: having drunk too much alcohol and lost control over behavior, movement, and speech.

When did you first get drunk?

you might get drunk after a pint or more then if you have to much alcohol you will be really sick

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