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100 to 150.00 dollars in good condition.

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Q: How much are riverside arms single barrel shotguns worth?
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What is the worth Of a Riverside Arms single shot 16ga with patented aug12 1913 stamped on top of barrel and 357 ty stamped under the barrel?

50 Bucks...

What is the value of a 12 gauge Riverside shotgun?

Single barrel, double barrel or pump? There are numerous models. However, most of them retail for under $250 in good, shootable condition. If unshootable, they're only worth anything as parts.

What is double barrel twelve gage shot gun worth?

That is a broad question, as there are some dbl barrel 12 gauge shotguns worth $50.00-$75.00, and then there are bennelli and similar types worth $500.00 or more. Custom shotguns from Italy and Germany may cost as much as $20,000 to $50,000.

What is an American Gun double barrel 12 gauge serial 20999 worth?

It is worth as much as you can get. Most BB shotguns "wallhangers"and such are $100.00 and up.

1901 wedgeway arms co shotguns need information on wedgeway arms single shot shotguns over 100 years old?

want to know where the wedgeway arms company was and what one of their single shot shotguns would be worth

What is an Stevens Arms single barrel 12 gauge with proof tested 2 3-4 inch chamber forged steel on the right worth?

Virtually all of the single shot Stevens 12ga shotguns are going to top out shy of $100.

What is single barrel 12 gauge nitro hunter with c6588 on barrel by belknap worth?


A j aubrey shotguns double barrel shotgun how much is it worth?

The company is out of business. The gun could be worth 200 to 300 dollars depending on the condition of the gun.

How much is a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun sold by riverside arms company in chicopee falls Massachusetts worth?

This is another of the store names that were used by The Cresent firearms Company,of which is the maker of your shotgun.These shotguns range in price from 45-120 dollars on today,s market dependin on overall condition.

What is a double barrel external hammer baker shot gun with dumascus barrels worth?

In the below classified ad, they are asking for $750

How much is a 16 gauge single barrel shotgun model 350A worth?

How much is a 16 gage single barrel shotgun model 350A Revelation

What is the value of a riverside arms shotgun?

An older used utility double barrel shotgun is worth around $200 if it is fully functional, but not in like-new condition.