How much are iPods?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It depends on the type of ipod, if it is a ipod nano, then it would be 135 dollars right now

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a lot

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Q: How much are iPods?
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Which one is better iPods or MP3 players?

Of course iPods are much more better.

How much are plain iPods at Walmart?


Is it true that MP3 players are better than iPods?

No. iPods are much more better than MP3 players.

Is it true that MP3 players better than iPods?

No. That's a lire. iPods are much better than MP3 players.

How much do you think a 16 GB Ipod cost that's cracked?

If you are looking for used/refurbished iPods or iPod Touches, then i Would suggest looking at GameStop's collection of iPods. Refurbished iPods are generally cheaper than new iPods, and may be what you are looking for.

How much did the iPod cost in 1979?

iPods did not exist in 1979

How much do old you pods cost?

how much do i pods cost give me a number for ipods

How come iPods are way much better than MP3 players?

Because MP3 players cannot carry alot of features, play more songs like iPods and can't play any games. iPods has alot more features than MP3 players. iPods are more expensive than MP3 players. Ipods ARE a type of MP3 player.

For ipods how many GB is 400 MB?

It depends on how much space you have

How much was an iPod in the 18th Century?

they didn't have ipods who the heck thought they did??

Do you get iPods at Macy's?

Believe it or not they do...they have ipod classic, nano, touch and much more!

Where can you get a iPod?

Pretty much any retailer that sells electronics has a selection of iPods.