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$4.99 for one booster pack

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Q: How much are Pokemon booster packs at walmart?
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How much do Pokemon booster packs cost?

About 80-400

How much are Pokemon booster packs in Japan?

150 yen

How much do Pokemon Booster packs cost at game in the UK?

£3.49 thanks for nothing wikianswers people @_@

How much are Pokemon card packs worth at newburgh walmart?

up to 5.00 for a small pack. 10.00-12.00 for big packs deppending on what you get. so basicly, it ranges around 5.00-13.00 because of tax.

How much are bakugans?

Well the booster packs are usually 5 pounds but the starter packs are 13 pounds where I get them.

How much do pokemon cards sell for?

In Great Britan: Booster Packs: £3.99 (10 Cards) Tins: £9.99 (Includes 4 Booster Packs And 1 Special Lvl X Card) Boxes: £7.99 (60 Cards)

How many booster packs are there in a box of card fight vanguard?

How much is the price of one cardfight vanguard booster box

How much are Yu-Gi-Oh booster packs?

in Australia they are about 15 to 20 dollars

Where can you buy a real Pokemon card?

The best website that I have found for both purchasing and pre-ordering any Pokemon cards, including the Platinum expansions, is: because they are very fast, have an excellent customer service, and their products are usually less exspensive than their compatetors. Not only can you pre-order and purchase booster packs, booster boxes (which contain 26 booster packs), and collector's tins, but you can also order singles (once the expansion comes out) so that completing your collection or decks is much easier!

How much do Pokemon ex packs cost?


How much are Pokemon blister packs?

one of them around $ 3.99

How much does Pokemon Heartgold Soulsilver Booster Pack cost?

10000 dollars