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Proof = alcohol% X 2.


48 proof = 24% alcohol

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Q: How much alcohol is 48 proof?
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What 96 proof mean alcohol?

In the US, 96 proof is equal to 48% ABV (alcohol by volume).

What alcohols are forty eight proof?

48 proof means 24 % alcohol. Sounds like maybe a high alcohol wine or cough medicine.

What is the meaning importance and use of proof in alcohol beverages?

the proof is used to tell you how much alcohol is in it. 100 proof is about 50% alcohol so jsut divide the proof by 2 the higer the proof the more alcohol

A 90 proof beverage is how much percent alcohol?

45% The percentage of alcohol content is determined by halving its' proof.

An alcohlic beverage which is 100 proof is how much percent alcohol?

It is 50%. Proof is just 2x the alcohol percent.

How much alcohol is there in gray Goose?

80 Proof . Alcohol by volume 40.0%

How much alcohol is in a 90 proof bottle of whiskey?

45% alcohol by volume.

Whiskey that is 60 proof has how much percent alcohol?

It would be 30% alcohol.

How much is 5 percent alcohol?

Ten proof

How much is Phillips hot 100 alcohol?

It's a 100 proof alcohol, and 50% alcohol content.

How much alcohol is in a bottle of liquor?

That all depends on the liquor. Some go as high as 190 proof (95% alcohol). The higher the proof the higher the alcohol content. For example, 30 proof = 15% alcohol by volume (a.b.v.) whereas 100 proof is 50% a.b.v.

One hundred ten proof alcohol has how much alcohol content?

The percentage of alcohol contained in the product is 50% of the proof. Therefore, 110 proof alcohol is 55% alcohol. NOTE: I can't for the life of me remember what is 110 proof from among salable items one might find in a regular liquor store, so the safety of this proof might be questionable.