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Q: How many words can you spell out of the words Happy Birthday?
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How many words in happy birthday?


How many words can be made from the words happy birthday baby Jesus?

7 words

How many words can be made with Happy Birthday?

I have to say 4, because that's usually the number of words to be made with a birthday song.

Happy Birthday. May you keep flying high. God Bless. tranlslate In konkani?

Please translate 'Many Many Happy returns of the day' to Konkani

How to say happy birthday to a king?

say " happy birthday, your majesty."

How do you do the happy birthday song?

Happy Birthday to you! (cha-cha-cha), Happy Birthday to you! (cha-cha-cha),Happy Birthday dear (his/her name). Happy Birthday to you! (and many more, on channel four, and scooby doo, on channel two, and big fat lady, on channel 80. Answer provided by Fillywilly

Italian for happy birthday?

Buon compleanno is the literal translation for Happy Birthday. When singing the Happy Birthday song, they instead sing Tanti Auguri which translates to many (good) wishes for you.

How do you say many happy returns of the day in kannada?

Happy Birthday

How to wish many many happy returns of the day in Malayalam?

hridhyam narzham janmadinashamsakal

Happy birthday in konkani?

what is konkani?Konkani is a language spoken by Goans. Goa is a state in India.the translation for "Happy Birthday" in Konkani is "Hanv Tuka kuxal bhorit zolmacho dis auvndetam"zolma divasache ullas tuka.

How to translate happy birthday in konkani?

vadd-disachim porbim tuka

How Many Words Can You Spell Using breakfast?

These are the words that I can spell with breakfast:Aabaftabetabreastafaraftafterareareaarkartasaskasteratatebaabakebarbarebarkbasebaskbastebatbatebeakbeastbeatbedbetbrakebratbreakeareasteatfafakefarfarefastfatfatefearfeastfeatfreakfretraberaftrakesabresafesakesateseasearseatstabstakestarstaresteakstreak