How many women try lesbian sex?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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There are no statistics on this as it's a private issue. There are straight women that may try having a sexual relationship with a same sex partner because they are curious, but, they may find they don't enjoy it or may feel it's wrong and feel guilty about it and will put that experience behind them and date the opposite sex. Some women have had bad experiences with men and prefer to have a sexual relationship with another woman, but, don't get all women who appear in public as good friends as being Lesbians. When younger females often know they are 'different', but because they are so young the pattern is always not set as to what sexual orientation they are at the time and later in life those feelings can fade and they are straight women, or, they find they are Lesbians and will seek a same sex partner. Women can be very close to each other without having a sexual relationship.

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Q: How many women try lesbian sex?
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What percentage of straight women try lesbian sex at least once in their lives?

32 percent

How can you have lesbian sex if you are a lesbian?

fingering, oral, sex toys, or scissoring

What should you do if you think you are a lesbian?

Here are some contributor opinions:You be a lesbian, love, just because you're a lesbian doesn't mean you are not fit.Live a normal life. get a girlfriend. Get married. Have sex with her. And all that!Free choice. If you are a woman who desires other women sexually, then that makes you a lesbian. When you are an adult, you can make an informed decision by reading books about lesbian sex (not porn) a good book to check out would be, 'The Hite Report'. This book covers why women desire other women and the different degrees of lesbianism. It covers what women like sexually, and how we respond to stimuli that is not usually provided in heterosexual relationships.Well sometimes it can be confusing being a young lesbian and maybe sometimes embarrassing but the only thing I can really suggest is just try to get through it. Maybe if you have understanding parents try talking to them or some close friends. It's fine liking the same gender as you but i know it's not so easy to let that out.Well first of all, when you find out, you have one of two options: 1) Keep it a secret, or 2) Tell your loved ones. After you get that out of the way, try not to concentrate on ridicule you receive from others. After that, you decide what to do next.Act like a NORMAL PERSON...and of course, date girlsIf you think you are a lesbian the best thing to do would be to try a relationship out with another woman and try to see if you are one. If you don't want to try a relationship, just try a kiss or something small. If doing those things with a woman gets you sexually aroused, then you may very well be a lesbian. If you get equally aroused with women as you do with men, then you could also be bisexual. Have fun.

How can you tell if a women had to much sex?

Try asking her.

You think about women you look at women you are what you call attracted to women but when you think about having sexual relations with a woman it kinda grosses you out Am I a lesbian or not?

Stop and think what exactly you are attracted to? Are you attracted to all women or just certain women with certain attributes? Do you feel that you can have a meaningful relationship with a woman? If you are disgusted about having sex with a woman, do you feel the same way if a man was to pleasure you in the same way? You may be suffering from a psychological barrier where you were brought up thinking sex was dirty and gay/lesbian sex is disgusting. Seek help! Talk to a psychiatrist to allow your mind to be free of the ill thoughts that sex is bringing you. Then go live your life happy! --Or, you could try new things out. If you don't like them, stop doing them. Pretty simple. (and as of now, i would sa you're bi-curious.)

What percent of females are lesbian?

I would say you have bi curious women, then you have woman that are openly gay or bi, then you have married women, then you have woman that are straight get drunk and kiss...Honesly..i would say the percent is def. about 80% of all woman are lesbian!Simple, women understand each other,Its more safe for 2 women to have sex with each other.Women that are married - some fool around with other girls (husbands are normally okay with it, as long as its just a girl thing)Women also want soft skin, they want someone to cuddle with and some that smells like flowersWhat about women that have parties and there are alot of girls and they get drunk?Women can be more open with each other.A woman understands a woman and what she wantsWomen want to feel another womans warm breast too (sometimes)Almost every woman has thought about an experience with a woman at some point in her life, normally alot of women over 40 that never experienced lesbian sex - do try it!

You are in love with a lesbian am a straight boy how can it works then?

first try to b close to her and try to find out y she is lesbian....there are many types...first who are borned lesbians...2nd who adopted to b lesbians bcoz they cant get boyz...3rd who can attract boys but due to some bitter expereinces they try to find the love in women ....fourth who are bisexuals...5th who are lesbians bcause they dont know much about their sexuality try to explore her...i wish she is not a borned any other case u can try and figure it spending tym with her.....bcum her freind and so on

How can lesbians fix their troubled relationship?

First of all, there is no full on way of over coming being a lesbian. There are three categories of lesbians. Many women are attracted to other people of the same sex and like it, and accept it. The second category is women who are attracted to other people of the same sex but try to hide it, or make it discreet. The third category is women who are sometimes attracted to other women and are ashamed of themselves when they catch themselves being attracted to them. If your a second or third type lesbian, you may have second thoughts about being one, and sometimes are attracted to men. If you no longer wish or have the drive to be a lesbian any longer, do not be ashamed, this happens to many women. The first type if lesbians accept being one and like it. They know that they do not want to change for others, but stay the same for themselves. If your a second or third type lesbian, and no longer feel attracted to women as much, or don't necessarily like being one anymore, harness the little bit of attraction you may have towards men now and use it. Maybe dress up and make yourself feel sexy, but when your getting dolled up, don't do it for women, do it for the man you are slightly attracted to. And when he sees you, act sexy and flirtatious. You may or may not like being with men better, and if not that is totally and completely fine. You have to be whatever is right for you.

Are you lesbian if you think about women and how they look?

It really depends. Your sexual preference isn't that easy to define. Try reading a lesbian novel or watching a lesbian movie. Try fantasizing having a relationship with the same sex. Think about times when you've seen lesbian people, maybe actresses or even just one of your friends. If any of that makes you feel uncomfortable, it's most likely something different, like maybe you're jealous of the way they look, or maybe you're just in one of those moods. It could be a stage, nothing more. You don't have to be a teen to be unsure of which sex you like more. If you're still unsure, fantasize having a relationship with the opposite sex. Maybe you're not lesbian at all, you could be bisexual. I can talk from a relatively personal experience. I have a friend, slightly older, who's bisexual, and she's proud to be. But like I said before, everything isn't in black and white. And fantasizing having a relationship with any sex does not mean intercourse. It could be kissing, or even just holding hands. Don't rush into it, the more quickly you try and solve the answer, the less clear it will become and the more you'll start to doubt yourself.

Is spanish women wetter during sex?

All women have differing amounts of natural lubricant, depending on how aroused they are. If she doesn't produce enough, then try some water based sex lubes like KY.

Was Yolanda Saldivar lesbian?

Yes, Yolanda Saldivar was a lesbian

Where can you read free lesbian romance stories online?

Try the attached website for starters. Then search "lesbian" in the search box :)