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Model Five Model 33 Model 34 Model 341 Model 37 Model 41 Model 411 Model 504 Model 510 Model 511 Model 512 Model 513 Model 514 Model 521 Model 540X Model 541 Model 580 Model 581 Model 581S Model 582 Model 591 Model 592 Nylon 10 Nylon 11 Nylon 12

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Q: How many types of Remington bolt action 22 rifles were made?
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What are some tipe of repeating rifles?

Marlin, Winchester, Henry, Sako, Remington The TYPES may include bolt action, pump, lever action, and autoloading as the most common types.

What are some types of coon-hunting rifles of the 1950's?

Mossberg, Savage, Remington, Winchester, Marlin, .22 caliber rifles. They could be lever action, bolt action, pump, or semi auto.

How can you tell the model number of a r Remington 22 cal bolt action rifle?

I posted a link (related links) for Remington on their archive page to bolt action rifles, you might be able to identify it there.

What action would you find on rifles but not on most shotguns or handguns?

Rifles have bolt actions and I've never seen a bolt action on a shotgun or handgun

Springfield bolt action rifle?

a old ww2 bolt action sniper/combat rifle Springfield made many types of bolt action rifles over a century or so

What is the vaue of a Remington 700 bolt action 270 EP rifle?

What is the value of a Remington 700 bolt action 270ml rifle?

How do you measure the action on a bolt rifle?

Book of Bolt Action Rifles should help

What types of rifles use 223 caliber ammunition?

Single shot, bolt action, pump, semi-auto,

Hunters between a 270 remington pump action and a 270 savage bolt action witch would you chose?

Matter of personal taste. Both are good rifles. The pump is faster for a second shot, the bolt a bit more accurate.

Different types of guns?

There can be a hundred different types of guns- rifles, shotguns, handguns, machine guns, sub machine guns, and then further types based on types of actions- revolvers, semi-autos, lever action, pump action, break action, bolt action, etc.

Do bolt action rifles jam?

It is possible, yes.

Does Ithaca still make bolt action rifles?