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It doesn't matter really many times a day you eat, it does matter how much and what you eat. To gain weight you need to eat above you RDA in calories!

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Q: How many times a day you need to eat to get fat?
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How many times does a pit bull eat?

How many times does it need to eat, twice a day. How many times does it want to eat? ALL, of the time.....Chuck.

How many times does a child need to eat in a day?

I think that they should eat 3 time a day but, on if they want to eat or not

How many times a day do chicks need to eat?

it depends on the chick

What do we need to eat?

You need to eat at least three times a day.

How many times a day do they eat in Colombia?

they eat about 56 times a day

How many times a day do you need to eat?

It is not so important as to how many times you eat in a day so much as what you eat and how much. Your caloric intake each day should match what you need to maintain a healthy wt. while doing things which burn calories such as daily activities and exercises.

How many times do you need to feed your pet caterpillars in a day?

it depends how many you have 1 of them eat about a thumbnail a day hope it helped

How many times a day should a puppy eat?

Around 3 times. They need to eat alot because they are still growing and devoliping. They also need lots of excercise

How many times a day do Americans eat?

Americans are known to eat many many times a day. In fact, there are few times when Americans are NOT eating.

How many times does a fox eat a day?

foxes eat 1-4 times a day

How many times a day do iranians eat?

Iranians eat whatever times a day they want to, it doesn't really matter how many times a day they eat, it depends on personal preference.

How many times does a monkey eat?

monkeys eat many times a day. they eat whenever they get food.

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