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It really depends. What she looks like (approchable or unapprochable), what she wears everyday, where she goes habitually, who and where she lives around. Examples: (1) My Fiance is a chunky (very attractive curves), large breasted woman with a very pretty face and pink hair. She wears pretty, vibrantly colored clothes that show her cleaveage everyday (and it's wonderful) we go out. My Fiance gets hit on three times a day. But on certain days, she can be hit on anywhere from 5-10 times a day. Like when we go and hang out with "the boys" across the street, which is a habitual activity we have or when we go to the mall. And if you consider certain looks to be a pass, she gets that probably 40 times on any day (of course by other men and some women). (2) My close-to-best friend gets hit on once every two days. She's a skinny, average looking, very light acne possesing, long-haired, brunette with an imperfect smile that wears gothic clothing on most days we hang out. We usually do go out to the bar and downtown to cause mayhem among the locals - only when we are walking down the street for a long while or having someone take our picture does she get hit on. And she doesn't get that many looks. (3) If my grandmother was out and about, she would get hit on a possible 2 times a year. But if she just stood inside (which she does nowadays) she would probably get hit on by no one. I hope this answer helped you evaluate this matter better.

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Q: How many times a day is a woman hit on?
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