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He has 2 tattoos on each arm

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Q: How many tattoos does wisin have?
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How many kids does wisin y yandel have?

Wisin has a girl and a boy and Yandel has two boys. :)

Is Wisin from Wisin y Yandel single?

no he has a wife

How old is wisin?

Wisin is 29 years young

Who is wisin and yandel dating?

they are dating u stupid i am going out with wisin........

How many babies those wisin have?

wisin has two children. A girl (Yelena Morera Ortiz) who is about 3 & a boy (Dylan Morera Ortiz) who is 1.

How many brothers and sisters do wisin y yandel have?


Did Wisin die from Wisin y Yandel?

no he's alive

Who is taller wisin or yandel?

If you see there videos you will see that wisin is taller?

Where do you find quotes of wisin y yandel?

wisin is so hot

What genre of music does Wisin y Yandel make?

Wisin y Yandel is a reggaton duo out of puerto rico. Many American hip hop artists are influenced by reggaton artists such as Wisin y Yandel. This is great music to dance to.

How many albums do wisin y yandel have?

They have in total 8 albums.

How many tattoos t.i have?

No tattoos