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Harry has around 26-7

Zayn has around 12

Niall has one on his butt

Louis has 4

and Liam has 5

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Q: How many tattoos does one direction have?
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How many tattoos does Niall Horan have?

Niall Horan is the only member of One Direction who does not have any tattoos as of July 2013.

Who from one direction hates tattoos?

Louis Tomlinson hates tattoos the most outta One Direction :)

Who has more tattoos in one direction?

Harry has the most tattoos.

How many tattoos does zany in One direction have?

Zayn Malik has over 20.

How many member in one direction?

Four out of the five. Niall is the only one without tattoos.

Who from one direction has nine tattoos?


Does Louis from One Direction have tattoos?


Why did one direction get tattoos?

because they are happy

Who are the people with tattoos in one direction?

All of them have tattoos in different places, except for Niall.

How many tattoos does Zayn from one direction have 2017?

many actually. i dont remeber the number but he has at LEAST 6

Who in one direction doesn't like tattoos?


Which member from one direction hates tattoos?