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Jess origliasso has 13 tattoos:

  • The word "Love" on her left wrist
  • "Where words fail... music speaks" on her left shoulder blade.
  • Two swallows on her lower stomach
  • The initials "JCL" on the outside of her right wrist (It is the initials of herself, her mother Colleen, and her sister Lisa).
  • A pin-up girl on the back of her left calf that says "Forever and a day."
  • Something on her left hip (not sure what it is).
  • An anchor on her right wrist.
  • A heart on her left arm with a banner that used to say "My blood is red for you" but is now filled in black.
  • A pink cupcake on her left arm that says "Sweet Revenge."
  • A girl holding a guitar, which Jess says is her alter ego (The design is by Richard Tate).
  • A bottle of poison.
  • "Pure" on the top of her left shoulder.
  • "ZAR" on her finger.
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Q: How many tattoos does jess origliasso have?
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