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Q: How many songs does a youtube playlist hold?
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How many videos can you put into a youtube playlist?

You can put as many youtube videos on your playlist that it will hold.

How many songs does the website playlist hold on a playlist?

I'm over 120 right now...

How do you get to MySpace songs?

make a playlist then you can have as many songs as you want

How many sad songs to you have in your playlist?

Over 300

How many Juanes videos are contained in the playlist by Luis Jose on YouTube?

There are 10 Juanes videos that are contained in the playlist by Luis Jose on Youtube. The ten videos on the playlist are all of different videos of the artist Juanes.

Where can one find an archive with all the Akon new songs?

There are a few ways one could listen to many Akon songs. First there is actually purchasing songs via iTunes. Another method would be to simply create or find an Akon playlist on YouTube.

How many songs have Cimorelli done?

52 songs look it on youtube

How many songs can your nook hold?

my ipod can hold up to 3000 songs

How many songs does a shuffle hold?

it can hold a lot of songs but if you have to many songs it could make the shuffle go slower than before you had a lot of songs.

How many songs can a 8GB ipod can hold?

When it comes down to purchasing or using an iPod, the most important aspect is the amount of content it can hold, because after you pick the right color or get your name inscribed on the back, the songs are all that really matter.Varying song lengthsApple claims that the 8GB holds up to 2,000 songs. The key phrase is "up to". Apple gets the number 2,000 from assuming that every song you put on your iPod is around 4MB, or four minutes long, which is the length of the average song. However, if you want to put songs like Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row", Miles Davis' "All Blues", The Doors' "The End" and just about any Rush song (each averaging 11 minutes in length), then 2,000 songs is a very high estimate. On the other hand, not every song is as long as four minutes; some are shorter, so the songs can balance out. A more realistic amount of songs that you can hold is around 1,700 songs. That assumes that you use your iPod to only store music MP3s.Other contentYou can only hold 2,000 songs, or the more realistic 1,700 songs, if the only thing you are storing on your iPod is music. Apple states that the 8GB can hold 2,000 songs, 7,000 photos or eight hours of video, but not at the same time. If you want to hold any videos or photos on your iPod, then the amount of songs you can hold is going to further decrease.For optimal music storage, do not load your photos onto your iPod; they take up more room than you think and are not as useful as your favorite songs. Selective uploadingIf you want to hold music, photos and videos on your 8GB iPod, and you want control over which songs are uploaded, then you must choose what specific songs you want on your iPod. It does not allow you to hold all the songs you own, and randomly uploads as many songs it can hold. Create a playlist only for your iPod, and add your favorite songs to that playlist. When it comes time to sync your iPod to your music provider, select the option that allows you to upload only that one playlist. This way, when you want different music on your iPod, all you have to do is change the songs on your playlist.Overall, there is no standard amount of songs that an 8GB iPod holds. It varies depending on the average length of songs you own, and whether or not you wish to hold other content on your iPod. The easiest way to figure how many songs your iPod holds, with or without your other content, is to sync your iPod, go into the Songs playlist on your iPod and see how many songs were uploaded. That way, you can effectively control which songs you hold on your iPod.

2gb will hold how many songs?

about 500 songs

How many songs does a 14gb hold?

125,069,881,842 songs