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Gun owners aren't "registered" like cars. One estimate is that there are @ 4 million or so gun owners.

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Q: How many registered gun owners are there in the US?
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Are guns registered to the owners in Kentucky?

No. Like most of the US, there is no requirement to register ordinary rifles, shotguns, or handguns in KY.

How many guns are not registered?

Since they are not registered, there is no way to answer your question. In the US, MOST guns are not registered- there is no law requiring that guns be registered. It is a popular misconception that there IS such a requirement, but there is none on a Federal level.

How many certified gun owners are there in America?

America does not certify, register or license people to own guns in most areas. Therefore, there is no way of answering. It is estimated that a bit more than 1/3 of all households in the US have at least 1 gun.

Can a civilian buy a MP-5?

Perhaps. This will depend on the laws of the country and state where the civilian resides. In most of the US, a private citizen may lawfully own a fully automatic firearm (machine gun) IF the transfer of the gun is registered with the Federal BATFE (and in some cases, with the state) and a $200 transfer tax paid. And yes, the MP-5 IS a submachinegun. HOWEVER- In the US, THAT particular MP 5 must already have been registered to a private citizen by May of 1986. No additional full auto firearms may be registered after that date. Which brings us to the second perhaps- the size of your checkbook. Since no additional full autos may be registered, the price went through the roof on most- and a LEGAL MP5 will sell for several thousand dollars.

Who is this gun registerd to -an101872?

Most of the US does not have gun registration. Where there IS registration, that information is not available to the public.Most of the US does not have gun registration. In areas that do, that information is not available to the public.

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How many registered hand gun owners are there in the us?

The question can't be answered. National registration is not required.

How many registered gun owners in Illinois?

I question this ad the US Census Bureau says that there are only 12,831,970 people in the state.

How many women owned guns in 2011?

No records, since in most of the US, guns and gun owners are not registered. A very rough estimate in in the millions of women.

How many gun owners own cats in the us?


What is the ratio of gun owners to non gun owners?

In the US, roughly 1/3 of the households are gun owners.

What percentage of US gun owners hunt?

Approx. 27% of US gun owners hunt.

Does a shot gun have to be registered?

Depends on the laws where YOU are (we get questions from many different countries). In MOST of the US, no.

How many women gun owners are there in US?

No way to answer, since we do not know exactly how many gun owners (male and femal) there are. FWIW, both of my daughters, one granddaughter, and my stepmother own guns.

How many semi-automatic handgun owners in the US?

Impossible to answer. There is no registration of gun owners in the US, so no records for the information you ask for. Best estimate is several million.

How many owners of guns in 2008 in US?

No records. Most of the US does not require gun registration, so there is no central record.

How many gun owners are there in the US in 2009?

300 million give or take a few hundred thousand.

How does black power affect the US today?

The US has many blackpowder gun owners and hunting enthusiasists. It is a nostalgic sport that includes many modern technological advancements.