How many pounds make up a key of marijuana?

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how many pounds make up a keyload

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Q: How many pounds make up a key of marijuana?
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What are the adverse effects of chronic marijuana use?

People who smoke a lot of marijuana often have short-term memory problems, but this usually clears up once the person has quit smoking. Some studies have shown a correlation between chronic marijuana use and decreased brain activity, but it is not clear whether or not these effects are permanent. Some studies also suggest that there may be a correlation between chronic marijuana use and impotence and low sperm count in men. Then, of course, there is always the risk of lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases. The key to using marijuana, as is the key to most everything in life, is to use it in moderation.

How do you make your facebook print bigger?

Press Ctrl, Shift, and the + key until you achieve the size you desire. As well, Ctrl and the - key will make the print smaller.

Does marijuana use show up in nicotine test?

The key word there is "nicotine test". If they are looking for niccotone they're not going to waste extra money looking for THC when that's not what the test is for.

Is marijuana good for arthritis?

Logically, there is origin for the use of cannabis in the treatment of arthritis. Two of cannabis' key therapeutic rudiments, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), haves been well documented to have pain relieving and anti-inflammatory belongings. On the intact, there are over 100 elite cannabinoid molecules in the marijuana plant.

Why does eating Pork and Beans Make you Fart?

pork and beans are high in protine, the key to excilent farts

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How many grams does a key weigh?

50000 pounds

How does a key weight?

a key or kilo weighs 2.2 pounds

How much does a key weight?

a key or kilo weighs 2.2 pounds

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What are some home remedies for removing marijuana out of saliva?

Abstention really is the key.

What are the arguments against medical marijuana?

The debates over medical marijuana and marijuana in general are a huge subject matter. Some of the more pointed arguments against medical marijuana include the fact that it could be abused. If one can get medical marijuana for a condition, how can you keep someone from faking it? Another is that once you start having medical marijuana, you can get addicted to it, which can cause to other issues. There are many arguments and counter-arguments over this issue, and these are just two of the key ones.

Can a medical marijuana card holder grow marijuana on a non card holders property?

Yes you can has to be in a locked area with the card holder only having the key

How can one make a key organizer?

One can make a key organizer from many materials such as metal which can be crafted into a ring shape in which you can organize your keys to your specification.

How much does a key of cocaine weight?

a key is slang for a kilo, a kilogram (about 2.2 pounds).

How many key strokes make up one word?


What is 9 stone 6 pounds in pounds?

Use this key 1 stone = 14 pounds Non-American people use this system 126 pounds + 6 pounds __________ = 132 pounds total

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You can make a key chain in a great many different ways. You can make it out of a series of ropes and beads for example.

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