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There is no formula for a credit score. Once you do have the negative items removed the scores will start to improve, but no one can tell you by how much.

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Q: How many point does credit score increase with each negative item removed?
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If you get a charge off deleted from your credit report will it dramatically raise your score or is it worth it?

If there are no other negative items on your credit report, and depending on other small variables, it will be a dramatic (50-100) point increase.

Credit score of 628 you recently got your credit report and found errors and had three bad things removed from your credit report How much should that bring your credit up?

It depends on what the three derogatory items were. In general, deleting the three errors would increase your credit score 40-60 points, but if other factors were still present on your score model such as past-due delinquent accounts, collections and liens there could be as little as a 5-10 point increase.

How much will your credit scrore go up if you send in five satisfaction of judgment forms to the credit companies?

== == Anywhere from 50 to 100 point increase.

How much can your credit score improve if you pay off a judgment?

== == Up to 10 - 20 point increase.

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