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The average person usually has two piercings; their ears.

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2013-08-19 02:05:21
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Q: How many piercings does the average person have?
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How many piercings does a already pierced person get on average?

10 ~ 16

How many piercings does the average 11 year old have?

There is no way of knowing how many piercings all average 11 year olds have, but the most common amount of piercings I've seen on one is only 1; however, sometimes, I see some wearing 2.

How many people get piercings done each year?

Well I average about 2000 piercings per year over 15 years that's about 30,000 piercings so I guess I could say alot. It's unknown how many professional body piercing studios there are out there now, so give them a rough average of 1200 piercings per store / per year it would add up to a lot of piercings.

How long does the nipple piercing stay sore for?

It varies person to person. On average, it takes 3-6months for the piercings to heal completely. Everyone is different.

How to explain to someone that piercings are normal when the other person thinks it's sick?

Simply tell the person how cool the piercings are and give relevant examples of the public figures that have piercings as well.

How many piercings does Tyson Turk have?

12 piercings

How many piercings did Michael Jackson have?

He didn't have any piercings.

How many piercings does reid Ewing have?

He doesn't have any piercings but he does have tattos

Do tragus piercings reject?

sometimes... depends on the person

Whats The meanings of body piercings?

Body Piercings do not "mean" any one thing, they are simply piercings. Adorning the body with piercings is as unique as the person wearing them. There is no deeper meaning to any one specific piercing.

Should piercings and tattoos inhibit a person's ability to get hired for a job?

They shouldn't but at many places they will. Not all piercing and tattoos will effect though, such as women with ear piercings or tattoos that are normally not visable

How many ear piercings does Zendaya Coleman have?

Zendaya has the regular 2 piercings.

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