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3808pieces or so

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Q: How many pieces does the LEGO death star have?
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Why is lego death star 400?

It has 3803 pieces and is worth alot of money

How many pound is the lego death star?


Should you buy the LEGO death star?

yes the Lego death star is the best

Where can one purchase LEGO Death Star?

The LEGO Death Star can be bought at Amazon and eBay. There are many good deals online, and they only cost a few dollars. The LEGO brand is famous, and many people enjoy it.

How many pieces does the Death Star have?

3808pieces or so

Does the LEGO death star have numbered bags?

In previous years it hasn't but the Lego 10188 Death Star currently does have numbered bags

What Lego star wars set has the most pieces?

I think it is the full scale Millennium Falcon. Or the full scale Death Star. I got the death star a while ago and it is really annoying to build. Takes SOOOOO LONG It is the full scale Millenium Falcon that has the most peaices with over 5,000 lego bricks.

Where can you buy a Lego Star Wars death star?

You can buy them at usually any Lego store or online

Where to buy death star Lego?

At target.

How do you complete Lego Star Wars saga out of the death star?

There is not such thing, but there is such thing as in tothe Death Star if that was what you mean!

Where do you buy Lego star wars death star in Australia?


Where one could buy Lego Death Star online?

They are a number of places where you can buy a Lego Death Star online. Some of the best places include the official Lego shop, Amazon, Ebay and ToysRus.