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about 1750 songs. i don't know the number of pictures but there is more difference in file size with pictures but definitely more then the number of songs.

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lakhs of songs lakhs of songs

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8 gbs worth

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Q: How many photos songs and videos will 8 gigabytes hold?
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How many songs does the ipod nano 8 GB hold?

it can hold 2000 songs, 8hours of video, or 7000 photos

How much does a 120 GB iPod hold?

30,000 songs, 150 hours of video, or 25,000 photos.

How many songs can a four gb sansa fuze hold?

It can probably hold around 600 songs. It depends on how many pictues, videos, recordings, and things like that, they take up memory too!

How many songs does a 32gb ipod touch hold?

The 32 GB apple ipod touch holds 7000 songs and 40 hrs of videos and it a really good ipod

1 GB will hold how many songs?

It will hold about 256 averagely sized songs.

How much songs can 8 GB hold?

well 1 GB hold 500 songs. now do the rest of the math!!

How many songs does 1.88 GB hold?

About 500 songs

How many minute songs can 4 gigabytes hold?

4 GB can hold about 1000 songs. This depends on your player though. Also it depends on the size of the songs. If the songs are 4mb then it's about 1000 songs.

Approximately how many songs will 1 gb hold?

It will hold about 256 averagely sized songs.

How many songs can you hold with 1.6 gb hold?

The amount is roughly about 900 3MB songs.

How many songs does the 160 GB ipod hold?

The 160 GB IPod classic can hold approximated 40,000 songs.

How many songs can 6.7 GB iPod hold. I have an iPod and I put songs into it and it says I have 6.7 GB left on iTunes. How many songs is this?

Alot, 7 gigs hold around 1,600 so 6.7 will hold about...........1,475 songs