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In the western world, excluding children i'd say 9/10. But in the eastern world i'd say maybe 1/10 or even 0/10 in the stricter parts!

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Q: How many people out of 10 drink alcohol?
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How do people decide how strong alcohol is?

by how much alcohol the drink contains for example 10% alcohol is a lager vs 40 to 60% for vodka

What are the reasons why people drink?

In small quantities, alcohol relaxes people , reduces inhibitions, and is quite enjoyable. That is why most people drink. About 10% of the population, on average, is prone to alcohol addiction. Addiction causes them to drink to excess, and have a great deal less fun. They then drink because, if they do not, they are even more miserable than when they do.

How many people out of every ten Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash?

3 out of ten

If you drink alcohol can you tell if you are pregante?

No you cant tell if your pregante if you drink alcohol . But you can tell if you drink alcohol if you pregnant. Apparently about 10 minutes after taking alcohol you start to suffer terrible cramp. This is sopost to be the fetus reacting with the alcohol in the womb.

How much ethanol is in a drink?

generally a drink will be labeled with the percentage of alcohol in the drink for example if the label says the drink is 10% then 10 mls out of every 100 will be alcohol

How many alcohol drinks does it take for your eyes to get glosssy?

it will take about 10, but u shouldn't drink, you should baked instead

What drink has the highest alcohol content in Japan?

Nihonshu 10 to 20%

If you had your first drink at 2pm and finished your last drink at 4pm having had 10 units at 9pm how many units would still be in your system?

Judging by whether your drink at 2pm - 4pm was alcohol or not, who knows?

How does alcohol affect people's emotions?

Alcohol increases whatever mood you are in before and while you were drinking, so if if im angry and i drink ile get 10 times more angry once drunk etc.

How much alcohol can an elephant drink?

Approximately 10 large leffe's,then they're anyone's!

How do you lose 10 lbs within 10 weeks?

eat less, drink less alcohol and take more exercise.