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0 ever

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Q: How many people died from weed?
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How many people have died from smoking pot?

There is no way you can die from smoking weed!

What is worst weed or tabaco?

cigs by far weed helps ur body as well as hurts it but cigs just kill it nothing but bad weed does some good plus how many people have died from weed? 0 and how many from cigs? ALOT

How many people died at the first try in doing weed?

This will be difficult to answer, since the dead person's mates will be reluctant to admit that he/she has used weed, and the death may be put down to other causes.

How many people smoke weed?

a lot.A Bunch Of People Smoke Weed Rite Nowevery 2 min.

How many people smoke weed in Michigan?


How many people smoke weed in Sweden?


When did Ella Weed die?

Ella Weed died in 1894.

Is illegal in NC?

yes, its illegal all over the united states, if you want that might as well smoke weed, people have died from spice... you cant die from weed

How many people die by using weed per year?


How many people in the U.S have tried weed?

ery body nukka

Why do so many people smoke weed if it smells absolutely repulsively disgusting?

People that smoke "weed" don't smoke it for the smell of the smoke, they smoke it for the effect it has on them.

When did Robert Law Weed die?

Robert Law Weed died in 1961.