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The number of pellets contained in the shell will depend on the size of the shot.

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Q: How many pellets are in a double x Winchester 3 in shell?
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How many pellets are in a 1 and 3 quarter ounce double x Winchester 3in 5 shot turkey load?

You don't mention what gauge. You will have to or else cut one open.

How many pellets is in one nitro turkey 3inch shell?

That depends on the size of the shot in the 3 inch shotgun shell,and the weight of the shot.

How many pellets in a shell?

Depends on the guage and length of the shell, and the size of shot used. It may be as few as 3, (.410 Buckshot) or as many as several hundred (10 g birdshot).

How many pellets are in a number 4 buckshot?

Depends entirely on the gauge and size of shell. Can vary from 9-30

How many shots in a 12guage shell?

None. If you are asking how many pellets, the answer depends on the load. It could be anywher from less than 10 to a couple of hundred.

How many pellets in a 12 gauge buck shot shell?

OO Buck contains nine .32 sized lead balls.

How many pellets in a shot gun shot?

Depends on the size of the shot, whether the shot is lead, steel or something else, the weight of the load and the gauge of the shell. A lead 1 oz load of #6 birdshot is about 225 pellets.

What can the pellets be used for?

In fact, many products appear in forms of pellets. They can be used in many fields like animal feed pellets, bedding pellets and home heating pellets,etc.

How many pellets are in a 12 gauge shotgun shell?

It depends on what kind of shot/cartridge you use. Shot, being the pelllets inside the cartridge, come in many different sizes, from 1mm to 9mm.

How many wood pellets in gallon jar?

That would depend on the size of the wooden pellets.

How many hours does 1 ton of pellets last?

The answer will depend on what the pellets are composed of and how they are being "consumed".

How many BTU per pound of wood pellets?

40.2 bushel of corn to a ton of wood pellets