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Q: How many nuclear weapons does Bhutan have?
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What are harmful causes of nuclear weapons?

there are many harmful causes of nuclear weapons because whole hiroshima was destroyed of it

Which countries have nuclear weapons today?

Many countries have nuclear weapons today including the United States. China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan also have nuclear weapons.

How many nuclear weapons does Iraq have?


How many nukes does Germany have?

They have no nuclear weapons

What weapons are considered nuclear weapons?

Those that are nuclear, such as the nuclear bombs.

Is China a Nuclear free zone?

No, China is not a nuclear-free zone. China possesses nuclear weapons and is one of the five recognized nuclear-weapon states under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Does Zambia have nuclear weapons?

Zambia does not have nuclear weapons.

Where are nuclear weapons found?

In nuclear weapons depots.

How are nuclear weapons important to defense?

Without nuclear weapons, another nation with nuclear weapons could launch an attack without worry of a retaliation. There are not that many ways of diverting a long-range ballistic missile.

What are nuclear weapon?

Nuclear weapons are weapons which are fueled by nuclear energy. Examples of weapons that can be fueled by nuclear energy are missile warheads and bombs.

How many nuclear weapons are in the world?

Tens of thousands.

In how many ways can the energy of uranium be used?

Only in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons.