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none, Australia is not a nuclear power

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Q: How many nuclear bombs does Australia have?
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How many nuclear bombs has Australia built?

Well, to my research there hasn't been any nuclear bombs, Aussie has built.

Which country used nuclear bombs in the Australian outback?

England tested its nuclear bombs at maralinga and woomera in south Australia

How many nuclear bombs per week US builds nuclear bombs?

At this time the US builds no nuclear bombs. A small number of existing bombs are refurbished as needed.

How many nuclear bombs were tested on Easter Island?

No nuclear bombs were tested on Easter Island.

Is a bomb nuclear?

Some bombs are nuclear. But most bombs are not nuclear.

Where were nuclear bombs created?

in many places

How many nuclear bombs do the iraqis have?


How many nuclear bombs does Russia have?

Russia has roughly 3500 nuclear warheads at the time of this writing and the number is slowly falling.

How many nuclear bombs?

there were two types of nuclear bombs. A "gun type" bomb and an implosion type one with a plutonium core

How many Nuclear bombs were dropped in Japan?


How many nuclear bombs have been dropped?


Is there nuclear energy in nuclear bombs?

Yes, there is nuclear energy in nuclear bombs. It is released in a few microseconds when they are detonated.